to The Rookery.Built in 1866 on a prominent hilltop 100 metres above sea level, The Rookery is one of the oldest surviving local cottages with wonderful panoramic views of the historic Victorian port town of Lyttelton, the main harbour, Quail Island, surrounding hills and weathered volcanic cliffs.

Over the past decade The Rookery has undergone extensive restoration to capture the character and charm of the original cottage combined with a reflection of its Pacific heritage. As designers we have paid close attention to the details that would have adorned similar architecture with Victorian bathrooms and ensuites that capture this colourful period. All finishes such as the raised dado wall panelling in Rimu, a rich golden local timber of outstanding quality, and coloured friezes, have been carefully selected to make our visitors feel at home and to enhance their experience of visiting one of the most remote locations on Earth.

Located on the north side of the harbour, The Rookery is an ideal base for exploring the Banks Peninsula, Christchurch and the South Island.

Facing due South we experience some of the most diverse weather that New Zealand has on offer, from the awesome Southerlies that assist the majestic Antarctic icebergs to drift up the coast off the Banks Peninsula (November-January), to the long warm Canterbury summers with spectacular sunsets especially after the annual Australian bushfires (November-March). Stunning autumnal colours, mild winters, few frosts and occasional snow on the volcanic peaks of Mount Herbert across the harbour ensure an ever-changing vista. We are situated a mere hour and a half from Mount Hutt, one of New Zealand’s most popular ski resorts.

Lyttelton - Port of Christchurch is a busy harbour, bustling with a never-ending variety of global vessels visiting, from huge container ships and monumental cruise liners, exotic fishing boats to Antarctic research vessels. The town centre is full of interest - cafes, shops, restaurants, art galleries. There is a wonderful museum full of memorabilia of ages past especially some of the earlier exotic attempts to reach the South Pole. For those who like to walk, there are many to choose from, in the town and all around the harbour basin. Lyttelton is part of and is only 15 minutes drive from the centre of the Garden City of Christchurch, the capital city of the South Island.